This the new visual identity of the MIT Media Lab created by The Green Eyl for the lab’s 25th anniversary. It is a changing identity which reflects the dynamism and diversity of the lab. It has been created with Processing (also created in the lab).

The idea is based on the concept of the incterception. Each cone represents an individual contribution made by the lab, so the algorithm produces an individual and unique logo for each person, faculty and students. This individual image is used in business card, letters or personal website.

This is maybe one of the kind of projects we have been trying to make several times (but clients dont want to). Corporative identity is not static anymore.

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Since October 2010 we’ve been collaborating with our friends from Bestiario on their newest project called Impure.

Impure is a visual programming language that simplifies the process of visualizing information. It has a complete set of visualizations, controls, operators and data models with which you can use to make your own space for analyzing almost any kind of data. The information can be gathered from different sources, not only user data, but also from internet feeds like social media, financial data or real time processes. Impure is based on linking visual modules, like PureData or Max/MSP.

Since everything is online, you can use it by just signing up. Once you have created an account, you can start to create your own spaces, store and share them.

Impure has been presented in several data visualization world conferences and festivals to high praise and acclaim. Because it is very easy to use and very fast showing results playing with data, Impure is also a good tool for teaching data visualization. For more info, you can check the Impure Blog.

We would like to congratulate Bestiario and especially Santiago Ortiz, for this fantastic tool and for the countless hours of work behind it. We are very proud to be a part of this project.

Bicing is a public service to rental bikes in Barcelona. Through this unofficial API we get the stations and the available bikes to display the information of how many bikes are in use through the time and how many park stations are free.

I take this opportunity to ask Bicing for developing a public API so we can draw the flow of every bike… hmmm nice.

And by the way, yes, it is HTML5 so you need a modern browser

Kinetic is a beautiful iPhone application created by Mothership, a new software development & interaction design company co-founded by our good friend Stuart Eaton. With Kinetic you can measure and improve your training. It tracks the route you follow when running or biking based on the GPS and allows you to define goals and challenge yourself. Take a look at the video to see how great the interface behaves.

Note: I love the app, but I think I will keep playing ping pong instead of biking around the city… But that’s just me!

Some very interesting concepts for ebooks, I love the way they’ve adressed 3 different categories of books to use the medium not just to read, but really enrich the experience in the way that fits the genre. Designed by: Duane Bray and Robert Lenne from IDEO. Hear an interview with them explaining the concepts on the WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show.

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