Good news for Barcelona, the Institue of Design, Art and Technolgy (IDAT) is renewed! It’s now part of the IAAC institute, certificated by UPC.

We are very happy that the next step in interaction education is taken. We will be part of the professors base for 2012 joining Hannah Perner-Wilson, Mika Satomi, Chris Sugrue, Arturo Castro among others, in teaching the Master in Advanced Interaction.

More information about the Master in Advanced Interaction.

Photo of Base 8 project by Chris Sugrue courtesy of IAAC website

We are very exited to have the first version of the iPhone App: Enllaç ready to download!
Enllaç is an app to help you find the best route to your destination using public transportation in Barcelona. You can choose any mode of transportation; whether it be metro, bus, train, tram, public bicycles, taxi or even going by foot. It mashes up services from Tranports Metropolitans de Barcelona like Vull Anar and iBus along with Google Maps and Bicing. This way you can discover new routes or just know if you are going to arrive in time to catch the next bus.

Its is designed for daily use, so it is very straight forward and fast. The only thing you need to know is where you want go. Enllaç does everything else.

Give it a go! We’d love your feedback! More information on the Enllaç website.

And don’t forget to rate it in the AppStore!

This year we will be participating at Blanc festival at vilanova, 11 and 12 of november. We will have 2 presentations, the first is a masterclass on friday morning in at BlancLab that will be about creating mobile applications, and friday afternoon that will be a more general presentation. Thanks to the guys from Blanc for inviting us! Hope to see you there!

Friday 11 november 9.00h – 10.30h BlancLab (Masterclass)
Edificio Neàpolis (Rambla Exposició 61-69)

Friday 11 november 17.00h – 18.00h
at Auditorio Eduard Toldrà (Calle d’Olesa de Bonesvalls, 8 )

Vilanova i la Geltrú – Barcelona

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Hallo! We invite you to the No Interaction Group next exhibition opening at Golferichs Centre Cívic.

How do the objects suppose to function in everyday life? How do we interact with them? And how would they do it if they could choose a different way to act?. The No-Interaction exhibition aims to give voice to these small auxiliary robots of everyday life and create a universe where a different way of seeing things is possible -for us and for them- searching for a new path to -here we go again…— interact and keep searching for answers.

This October 20 at 20:00 PM we invite you to the opening of The No-Project Interaction in the civic center Golferichs in Gran Via de les Corts Catalans 491 in Barcelona, ​​to interact with these wonderful things that we modified to give personality and stories to tell.

Thursday 20/10/11, 20h at Golferichs Centre Cívic
Address » Gran Via, 491. 08015, Barcelona.
Opening hours » Monday to friday, 10 to 22h. Saturdays, 10 to 14h and 17 to 21h.

You can confirm your attendance at Facebook. You better go. We know where you live.

With the purpose of teaching the fundamentals of hyper-textual story telling, Catalina Pérez and us created Continuidad de los pixeles, a practical workshop for Univ. Caldas’ Maestría en Diseño y Creación Interactiva.

We worked intensively with 30 students during 3 full days in order to conceptualize and create modular stories built using Flickr photos and Twitter tweets. The result was an interactive application made in Processing that allow the users to navigate the stories and interpret them in many different ways.

Click here to download the application, or here to see Continuidad de los pixeles site.