Here, in ær studio, we all are a bit fans of Star Wars. Personally, one thing I always loved from the movies was the All Terrain Armore Transports (a.k.a. AT-AT) so I always wanted a dog-sized AT-AT to play with it.

Can you imagine how cool would it be to have a little AT-AT running through the corridor or cleaning its ba… Well, and maybe a coincidence or maybe it is more common than I think, Patrick Bouvin has made a wonderful video about it. Check out also the making of!

How would you tell a story that combines violence, aliens, jokes, porn, surrealism and a bunch of different visual styles? David OReilly’s The External World is an insane short animation that caught my attention since the very firsts seconds and kept surprising me every single frame after.

via ufunk.net

This is a cute and funny video edition made by Surfap. You will agree with me if I say that we are bored of using Mario when you have to do something with videogames, but anyway who doesn’t love him? :D

Anyway, this video is a very good edition between real and CG footage. And [spoiler alert!] he gets the girl finally :D

(via digital tools)

We have been working really hard in a set of reactive lights and visuals for music artist bRUNA. He will perform today at 17:00h at Sonar (Sonar Complex). See you there!

We have done this project in collaboration with our great fellow Ricardo Duque from TodoJunto.

Graphology the study of handwriting. This weekly diagram is an exercise to show that handwriting has a unique Character for each of us. Its a beautiful thing to realize in this digital world…