This is a cute and funny video edition made by Surfap. You will agree with me if I say that we are bored of using Mario when you have to do something with videogames, but anyway who doesn’t love him? :D

Anyway, this video is a very good edition between real and CG footage. And [spoiler alert!] he gets the girl finally :D

(via digital tools)

Physics explains the universe but it is also good for making incredible simulations! Thiago Costa is a Special Effects developer at Ubisoft Digital Arts in Montreal which apparently is a new branch of French gaming giant Ubisoft (Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, etc). The series of animations appear to be physics tests quite possibly for a game… Or maybe a film? Ubisoft CEO Yannis Mallat has recently made some pretty interesting statements about the convergence of film and video games. It is only a matter of time before the boundaries between the two become seemless.

We are an interaction studio and this passion for interaction comes from one point: games.

We all in the studio have grown with games. Classic ping pong consoles, NES, SuperNES, Spectrum, Amstrad, megadrive, XBOX, Playstation, dreamcast, Wii, PC and now mac (thanks Steam!). We have been very close to videogames through our lives. We have learnt a lot from games and I’m not only referring how to survive a nuclear disaster or if it is better to kill a mutant zombie with a headshot with a .45 but also new kinds of interaction and possibilities, just to mention project natal or new playstation move controller.

And finally we have our little gaming corner at the studio for those boring evenings or to free some stress :D. We have a PS3 and we love to play online, so if you have one also add us as friend,
our gamertag is aerstudio.
We’d love to play/kill/experience with you!!!!!

We also have a original XboX with a lot of emulators. Mame is so great and so melancholic!!!! We miss those arcade machines but now we can remember them and for free! Or old consoles like NES, SuperNES, omg the hours playing super crazy Megaman levels or our loved Mario Kart. And the gold of consoles: a Dreamcast, the console ahead of its time, with games like Rez (respect) or the crazy Ikaruga.

Our life is a game and videogames are for training. See you in another world!