Our friend Roland (a.k.a as Berlin) visited Barcelona during OFFF festival one month ago. While he and his friend Sebastian were at the studio having a profound talk about the future of interaction design, a superb idea came to their minds: the creation of magic with a single touch. Here is the result.

Thanks a lot guys for this spark of inspiration!

Niklas Roy defines himself as an inventor of useless things. I love the irony of this project where the little curtain attracts the attention of people but it’s supposed to offer privacy to the interior. So simple and clever. More of Niklas’ projects here. (Via Catalina)

While doing research for creating the new McKinney’s website, one of their employees collected screenshots of how the websites of the best known agencies in the world look in the iPhone browser. Here is the result ;D

Our friend Rolando was visiting Barcelona so we arranged a table tennis tournament to remember old times.
How can you combine Harry Potter, The President of the USA, Sega’s Sonic, Pele’s number 10 and the roses from the English Rugby team into a product? Here is the solution.
Source: failblog.org