What music does the movement of fish create? Great experiment of A Quiet Ensemble.
Quiet Ensemble seeks to compose sounds out of the most casual movements of the “invisible concerts” of everyday life. Utilizing technology to capture, express and translate our most natural of routines, Quiet Ensemble builds narratives that explore not only the music of our lives but also conceptual relationships between the natural and built environment.” Read more on Yatzer >>

Feedback is an installation made by Hellicar & Lewis in collaboration with Todd Vanderline, curated by Shane Walter of onedotzero for the Roundhouse CircusFest 2010. The installation is a mirror where people can move, dance or performing and it will capture all these movements to create graphics animations of their body movements.

Have I already said I love these mirror installations?. Maybe, but I say it again.

If you are in London before 16th May you can go to The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH, UK.

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Mimosa is an interactive installation from Jason Bruges Studio for Philips for their Lumiblade OLED lights.

The installation has a behavior that mimics responsive plant systems.The piece was inspired by the Mimosa family of plants, which change kinetically to suit their environmental conditions.

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Speed of Light is the last project from United Visual Artists. Commissioned by Virgin Media, SOL celebrates the tenth anniversary of broadband in UK.

In a raw and industrial warehouse in South Bank, UVA makes a series of installations to explore themes of communication and modernity. Through a pathway making with lasers and optical fibre, the user can experience the differents installations of sound and light.

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Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects is an installation made by Georg Rell and Kathy Scheuring at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

The installation consists in six trivial and daily objects where each one has a role in acoustics although in their initial use are totally far away from the sound.

The project has been done using Processing and Arduino.

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